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By Royal Approval 

STAR STRIKERS FCA is proudly funded and supported by The Prince’s Trust. Star Strikers FCA use the Prince's Trust aims and objectives as a tool to give children a second chance to create their dreams of becoming football stars of the future.

The Prince’s Trust is the UK’s leading youth charity, offering a range of opportunities including training to develop confidence, learning new skills, getting into work and starting businesses with mentoring and advice.

Andy and Joe, owners of Star Strikers FCA strive to educate children from Primary and Secondary Schools by mentoring and developing their football skills, and recommending talented children into professional football club's academies. Joe’s role was to inspire Andy to apply to The Prince’s Trust. Joe and Andy now run football educational sessions in various Primary and Secondary Schools as part of their football coaching exercise, to give children a second football chance to succeed to a football clubs academy. Andy is now a Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador for His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.

Andy was presented the Prince's Trust Young Ambassador role after completing the Enterprise Programme to help set up Star Strikers FCA. This programme empowers young people to actively participate in the work of The Prince’s Trust, engage with public decision making and inspire other young people, while helping to develop leadership and communication skills. Andy is keen in contributing towards the work of The Trust.

Andy’s key roles and responsibilities as a Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador range from public speaking about experiences with The Prince’s Trust at conferences and meetings, research on running consultations or focus groups with young people and influencing the development of new initiatives or programmes by taking part in discussions, groups or meetings. Andy as an Ambassador helps contribute his views to influence government and helps shape services for young people. The Prince’s Trust now use Andy as a role model now inspires young people through sharing his personal journey. Andy delivers inspirational speeches across various schools, and organisations through Star Strikers FCA. Andy also meets the Princes Trust Celebrities who gives Andy inspirational discussions.

Andy’s position for The Trust help’s motivate and inspire young people across the United Kingdom to aim high to achieve their goals in life. If you have had a bad experience in the past, children receiving no grades in schools, a childhood in and out of care homes etc.

The Princes Trust has been built to help disadvantaged children and young adults to create chances to change their lives around.

The Prince’s Trust often ask for a meeting / update with Star Strikers FCA regarding how the business is progressing in coaching and educating children, so they can report back to His Royal Highness Prince Charles, so His Royal Highness can keep track on how Star Strikers FCA are achieving their goals.

HRH the Duke of Cambridge Prince William is also the, President of The Football Association


Please see below invitation's from HRH to Andy:



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