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Half Term Holiday Camps


Week 1: Tuesday 3rd - Friday  6th April
Week 2: Monday 9th - Friday 13th April

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Saturday School & Wednesday Sessions

WEDNESDAY SIV Ponds Forge International Sports CentrejzAllstars
SATURDAY Derek Dooley Sports & Community Centre

5:00pm - 5:45pm

11:30pm - 12.30pm

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12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Star Strikers FCA runs a highly popular Lunchtime and Playtime Football Clubs.

Star Strikers FCA Lunch Time sessions help to reduce problems within the playground, giving children the opportunity to play in a structured and safe environment. We can accommodate two 30 minute sessions which will give the children aims and objectives during their lunch break. By splitting this into two sessions this allows schools to use this service with different year groups.

Star Strikers FCA offer the lunchtime clubs in line with our highly popular Schools Coaching Programme and within the OFSTED framework.

We do not just offer Football Matches during Lunch-Play breaks but we also offer a wide range of other football sessions such as Football Netball, Football Rugby, Football Rounders, Football Cricket, Football Hockey. It may be a case of the school wanting a lunchtime multi Football skills on a rotation basis; we are happy to tailor make a programme to suit your school's individual needs. We are totally flexible and it is entirely down to the school as to the times and length of each session.

Star Strikers FCA are committed to providing a high quality of service to our schools and prior to a club commencing we will organise a meeting to visit the host school or arrange a meeting at our office to outline our format.  Please find below an example outline of our Football lunch/playtime club including a breakdown of what Star Strikers FCA will provide to the host School for participating in our highly popular programme. 

Star Strikers FCA Lunchtime/Playtime Club Format

  • Lunch time split in to two thirty minute sessions
  • In teams of 4, 6, 8 dependant on space and numbers of players
  • Team league tournaments
  • Teams are equal current term
  • Team Captains will be changed on a daily basis so that each player has the opportunity to lead their team
  • Educating young pupils about the football Clubs/ Acadimies we work with
  • Giving pupils the choice of our sessions that they would like to play i.e Foot Ball Netball, Football Rugby, Football Rounder’s and Football Hockey, and Last Shooter Standing.

Please click on our Players Signed / Recommended tab for further details or Contact us via our / Enquires/Booking Form

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